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Tile & Grout { Line Up For Cleaner Tile}

Cleaning tile floors by hand can be a tough job. It's messy and uncomfortable- and impossible to get the deep-clean that results that comes with professional tile and grout cleaning. Our trained technicians inspects your floor to determine the best treatment process and the proper cleaning agent. Once the tile is clean, a finishing coat of clear sealant or color sealant will help protect your grout and keeps it looking great!

Carpet Cleaning

EFFICIENT CARPET CLEANING We sterilize carpet and remove dander!Getting your carpets thoroughly cleaned on your own with a normal household vacuum, cleaning agents, and even a rented carpet cleaner machine can be quite difficult. The task can be even more difficult when you don't have the time on a daily or weekly basis to get your chores done. At Classic Cleaning, we have been providing Austin carpet cleaning services to homeowners like yourself throughout the area for 15 years and have perfected our technique.

                               Benefits of using our carpet cleaning service include:

  • Pet odors and smells are removed

  • No residue or water is left behind

  • Carpets are sanitized and disinfected

If the stains or odors from your carpeting have become unsightly or embarrassing, it may be time to call on our professional team for help. We hope that with our services, you and your family will feel more comfortable in your home. Please give us a call at (512)992-2743 today to schedule an appointment for carpet cleaning!

                                    COMMERCIAL CARPET CLEANING 

 Serving Austin Business Owners

When you own a business or manage a commercial property, you likely don't have the time or means to take care of all of the needed services yourself. There are many aspects of maintenance, repair, and cleaning to deal with. You can trust our experienced team at Classic Cleaning to provide you with our professional Austin-surrounding area carpet cleaning services. As a locally owned company with 15 years of experience ,we believe in disinfecting and sterilizing your carpets so that they are truly and thoroughly clean.

We may provide our commercial services to the following types of businesses:

  • Office buildings

  • Hotels

  • Motels

  • Storefronts

  • Restaurants

Our team has the necessary expertise to provide you with the clean floors you want. If you have any concerns about the services we offer, our team would be happy to answer your questions. To schedule an appointment for our carpet cleaning services, feel free to contact us now at (512)992-2743!


Give yourself one special day each week. Sweep out the past and refresh with weekly service- of our most popular choice. We individualize cleaning services to you, The price to clean your  interior home/office is based on many factors. The size of your home and the frequency for cleaning, are some of those factors. For a price that meets your needs and your budget, we put you in touch with our sales member to help you get a better understanding of your home/office, and your cleaning needs. We can then give you the best price to fit your budget. Give yourself one less thing to worry about!