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Classic Cleaning Team, you have done the most amazing job on our home. We have shared your information with family and friends in hopes you grow and stay around for a while. The ladies that come into our home are the nicest people I have ever met. From my family to your thank you for your service. 

Mr. & Mrs. Falcon

I'm so proud to have Classic Cleaning Team beside me to help tackle the chores that is hard to fit in my day due to our kids extra activities. Your employees are the best at what they do. Thank you for your service that you provide for us. 

Anna Olguin

Thank You Classic Cleaning! Amazing Job Done and seriously Great Results!! Home sold within a week of your work!!

David LeBreton

Great company with great service

Streamline Technical Services

                                                                      Corene Stoodley

Everything looks so good and SMELLS SO CLEAN! I am a very happy camper!

I'm honestly comfortable with everyone you brought today. I really appreciate you thinking about my anxiety and taking my feelings into consideration. You have a great team, and all of them seem like wonderful and good hearted worker bees.